Quite a lot of new things to absorb this week. Started on full body rigging, unwrapping models for texturing and gesture drawing…
Figure Study 01

These are my figure studies drawn from reference.

Figure Study 02

I only used the grid system on the 3rd drawing which I’m working on now cause while the first one wasn’t that bad except for the position of the head the second one has… really long legs.. and a tiny head.. heh..
Figure Study 03

Rigging was just like I remembered it, somewhat arcane but with a strange appeal. I’ve only done about.. 70% of the lower body rig so far. I think I should make a Rigging Song.. cause remembering how everything links together is insane.. something catchy and hummable yeah.. well, we’ll see..

Unwrapping was interesting cause I never managed to get this far before.. of course.. I’m still banging out the dents in my car so I have to finish up on the bodywork before I can get to the paintjob..

Gesture drawing is fun.. I didn’t realise before how I was really trying to draw each body part one by one and not really the pose as a whole.. That being said it’s definitely not easy.. out of 40+ gestures over a 3 day period I have only one drawing which I really like out of the lot.. just have to keep going I guess.

Well, back to the garage and my mini cooper!

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