Piazza Day Three


I’m really not progressing as fast as I’d like with this.. Still stuck on the first building. Modelled the first window panel, the rest are still placeholders. Added trim as well.

Did some rudimentary UV unwrapping and testing of layouts. The seam problem seems to get worse when zooming out. Fixed it by offsetting the UVs at the border slightly. It doesn’t line up exactly when zoomed up real close, but I think it’ll do. Should work for the average player anyways, let’s not think about the guys who like to stick their eyes right onto the wallpaper.

Another problem I’m facing is strange lighting on some of the blocks. Not sure if this is an issue with the Kjapi CGFX shader or something else.

Gonna post my progress so far on Polycount, hopefully gaining

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things I might have missed.

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