Still Alive!

Heh.. a couple of events have converged upon me this past month like a pack of rabid animals (slightly paraphrased – I can’t quite remember how Neil Gaiman said it).


Started out April getting to know the good folks at One Animation. Many thanks to everyone there for inviting me in, putting up with my questions and generally supporting me! Having had a tantalising taste of what XSI (or should I say Softimage) is capable of, you can bet I’ll be back for more in the future.

mhmmmmAlso, a fantastic opportunity has come my way, and it’s still pretty surreal as I think about it now. For one of my first few steps out into the world of CG it’s definitely a rare event to be treasured and explored to the fullest. Probably the only downside to it all is I don’t really get to share the full experience with everyone.

The excitement is definitely building, though tempered with the fact that I still need to whip myself into shape in many areas. Thanks everyone for all the support and congratulations! Heh, it seems like practically everyone knows about it already somehow, might as well tell the other 2 or 3 people who don’t.

May started off with a bang, my second go at the 48 Hour Film Project. An international co-production between Singapore & Perth, Beyond the Band: Johnny Axel was definitely one of the more interesting things I’ve worked on. It wasn’t as hectic this year for me, but I’m glad I could help out with supporting graphics for our very awesome Scissor Expert (Seriously, who else has a scissor expert?).

Being on time this year was awesome, though not as awesome as making the top 8 and getting the Best Editing & Best Use of Dialogue! Looking forward to more collaborations with Xiphos Films. C’mon Sueanne & Eunice, get that director’s cut online already!

Kudos to Team Vanguard for their side splitting “Is there money in this?”, well deserved Best of Singapore &

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Best Directing for 2009.

The Team with No Name’s Quest for Crime was a really funny look at how safe Singapore is from the eyes of a visiting Superhero. Hmm.. something tells me I’ll be seeing more of them sometime soon..

And.. I think that’s enough for now.. I mean, there was my KL trip.. but I was too busy eating to take photos. So yeah. Sorry for the load of text, that’ll teach me to try and cram two months into one post..

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2 Responses to “Still Alive!”

  1. Neonoir says:

    What? No KL trip photos? Haha, did none of you take photos? 😀

    Is the 48hr film online? Want to watch :)

  2. Jerome says:

    The 48hr film can be found here along with some wordy nonsense from me =D Heh.. I took some pictures.. of food.. lol