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DS Sketches July 09

I now have a Nintendo DS on loan to practice digital painting on the go, courtesy of my jet-setting cousin. I’m finding Colors DS pretty intuitive to use as far as picking colours and navigating goes. As for actual painting technique, I’m hoping I’ll be able to improve with practice on my daily commute. Thanks Joy!

It’s pretty much a mixed bag so far these past two weeks. Did some spaceships, some facial studies focusing on painting skin tones. I even did some sketches with it along the Southern Ridges yesterday during the OIC Sketch Walk(where I fed more mosquitoes than I sketched pictures, need to learn to simplify and not claw in every detail like I’m trying and failing to there).  Even so, it was good to catch up with old friends as well as meet new ones.

For those who say there isn’t much to do in Singapore, the trick is probably in finding like minded people. In that case, it’s possible to get deluged with more events than you can handle (Portrait Day / Life Drawing / Sketch Walks / Dr. Sketchy’s / Sketch-On-The-Beach-Day – OK.. so I made the last one up.. I think it might be a good idea tho..) and that’s just on the art side! I haven’t had the time to go and participate in music related stuff like the Songcraft Writing Circle, and the only time I serendipitously stumbled upon the Open Mic Night at the Singapore Art Cafe it just happened to be the very last night before they stopped having it.

On the work side, things have been good. Going further down the rabbit hole, gotta work harder but it’s getting increasingly rewarding. They do know how to play hard too which is great, I’m enjoying the company culture (not to mention levelling up at pool) Anyways, as my work stuff is largely confidential, it looks like I’ll be posting much more 2d stuff like this, as well as my personal projects and collaborations that I’m kicking back into motion soon.

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