Creative Life Drawing #01

Woo.. been so busy that I forgot I prepared this post sometime in July and somehow neglected to hit the publish button. This was the first after work life drawing session conducted by John Mahoney (the concept artist/sculptor/all round visual guy, not that dude from Frasier). It’s been pretty cool so far. It’s really great to have an opportunity to work on my drawing and design skills in addition to the CG related stuff from work. In fact, combined with daily painting practice on the DS it’s directly improving my painting skills.

I realise now that before this I’ve been approaching life drawing sessions reaaally seriously.. It’s been fun exaggerating proportions and not being a slave to reality, and drawing inspiration from assorted artists

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to inject a little more life and colour into my work than I would usually add.. Muting the cynical, perfectionist critic in my head has lead to a lot more finished drawings – that’s a big plus..


Click on the thumbnails to zoom in.


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