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Skull studies

I’ve had an amazing journey this past 4 years working at LucasArts Singapore. It’s really funny how things go.. In my first year it was really a trial by fire. Many different projects, pipelines to learn and quite a bit of variety in art styles. In my second year when I wished to improve my drawing skills more, I got assigned to a project involving 2D Animation.. In my third year I wished to work on next gen game art, and I got to go to San Francisco and work on Star Wars 1313..

And in my 4th year, my resolution was to “Make More Art”… Then LucasArts was shutdown. It was quite a shock.. but quite a big opportunity there as well.. So I’ve taken my break, gone surfing in Bali.. Now I’m back and it’s time to jump back into the thick of things.

I’ll be investing the time I’ve been given to make myself the best artist I can be. I’m enrolled in Noah Bradley’s Art Camp, fixing the very obvious gaps in my 2D

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skills is something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time.. was just too busy to get it done.. So this course is really great in that there’s a ton of studies for me to do, classmates to bounce ideas off, and the motivation in seeing the amazing stuff everyone’s doing. Not sure what the future will bring, but I’m really excited right now. More updates to come! (Along with a site revamp, there’s a bunch of stuff I wanna improve..)

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