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Composition & Color Studies

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Studies done during the first few weeks of Noah Bradley’s Art Camp. Still really behind on things cause I was surfing in Bali till the 2nd week, feel like I’ve learnt a lot through the practice tho. Will be continuing this practice on a weekly basis cause I find it really helpful.

The color studies really did a number on my brain. No color picking allowed! As I was painting I’d be thinking to myself, “More red? Less saturated.. no.. maybe it’s the hue that’s off….” Probably 15 min each on average.



The composition studies are focused on breaking down the master paintings into their basic shapes. I was a little too focused on value rather than composition when I first started, but sticking to a 4 value black and white palette and 10 – 15 min for each helped me to not over render things.