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Composition & Color Studies

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Studies done during the first few weeks of Noah Bradley’s Art Camp. Still really behind on things cause I was surfing in Bali till the 2nd week, feel like I’ve learnt a lot through the practice tho. Will be continuing this practice on a weekly basis cause I find it really helpful.

The color studies really did a number on my brain. No color picking allowed! As I was painting I’d be thinking to myself, “More red? Less saturated.. no.. maybe it’s the hue that’s off….” Probably 15 min each on average.



The composition studies are focused on breaking down the master paintings into their basic shapes. I was a little too focused on value rather than composition when I first started, but sticking to a 4 value black and white palette and 10 – 15 min for each helped me to not over render things.






Watercolor Blitz

Friday, April 8th, 2011

I’ve been going full steam with my watercolors ever since the Chinatown sketchwalk with Urban Sketchers (Thanks for the photo Tia!). I had an extreme sense of deju vu upon entering Minju and Jeff’s living room after the sketchwalk when I realised it was the former Casual Poets cafe! Was sad to hear it had closed down as it was such a cosy little space, but it was just perfect as this couple’s home.

Anyways, I’m finally posting up a selection from my first almost fully watercolor sketchbook! More to come! I’m doing quick

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sketches and practicing rendering skin tones on the bus/train these days, it’s really tough mixing accurate colors but I’m having lots of fun trying! Please click on the images to view

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them at full size.

Waiting time’s never wasted

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Old Supreme Court & Raffles City

I painted this watercolour of Old Supreme Court and Raffles City while waiting in line to get tickets to the last of Neil Gaiman’s upcoming talks during the Singapore Writers Festival.  I thought I’d be doing sketches of the people in the queue, but this view from the Arts House of such stark architectural contrast sustained my interest for most of my time there. Many flaws with my technique, but it was still fun to paint. Next time I think I’ll try painting a simpler subject in more detail for practice. Oh yes, special thanks to the generous girl who shared her umbrella with me.

Creative Life Drawing #01

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Woo.. been so busy that I forgot I prepared this post sometime in July and somehow neglected to hit the publish button. This was the first after work life drawing session conducted by John Mahoney (the concept artist/sculptor/all round visual guy, not that dude from Frasier). It’s been pretty cool so far. It’s really great to have an opportunity to work on my drawing and design skills in addition to the CG related stuff from work. In fact, combined with daily painting practice on the DS it’s directly improving my painting skills.

I realise now that before this I’ve been approaching life drawing sessions reaaally seriously.. It’s been fun exaggerating proportions and not being a slave to reality, and drawing inspiration from assorted artists

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to inject a little more life and colour into my work than I would usually add.. Muting the cynical, perfectionist critic in my head has lead to a lot more finished drawings – that’s a big plus..


Click on the thumbnails to zoom in.

On the Go

Monday, July 20th, 2009
DS Sketches July 09

I now have a Nintendo DS on loan to practice digital painting on the go, courtesy of my jet-setting cousin. I’m finding Colors DS pretty intuitive to use as far as picking colours and navigating goes. As for actual painting technique, I’m hoping I’ll be able to improve with practice on my daily commute. Thanks Joy!

It’s pretty much a mixed bag so far these past two weeks. Did some spaceships, some facial studies focusing on painting skin tones. I even did some sketches with it along the Southern Ridges yesterday during the OIC Sketch Walk(where I fed more mosquitoes than I sketched pictures, need to learn to simplify and not claw in every detail like I’m trying and failing to there).  Even so, it was good to catch up with old friends as well as meet new ones.

For those who say there isn’t much to do in Singapore, the trick is probably in finding like minded people. In that case, it’s possible to get deluged with more events than you can handle (Portrait Day / Life Drawing / Sketch Walks / Dr. Sketchy’s / Sketch-On-The-Beach-Day – OK.. so I made the last one up.. I think it might be a good idea tho..) and that’s just on the art side! I haven’t had the time to go and participate in music related stuff like the Songcraft Writing Circle, and the only time I serendipitously stumbled upon the Open Mic Night at the Singapore Art Cafe it just happened to be the very last night before they stopped having it.

On the work side, things have been good. Going further down the rabbit hole, gotta work harder but it’s getting increasingly rewarding. They do know how to play hard too which is great, I’m enjoying the company culture (not to mention levelling up at pool) Anyways, as my work stuff is largely confidential, it looks like I’ll be posting much more 2d stuff like this, as well as my personal projects and collaborations that I’m kicking back into motion soon.