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In the Dark of Night

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008


My first ever visual effects shot, done for my friend’s short film 4 years back..

Had a lot of fun with this, it came a long way from the innocent question, “Say, you think you could make thrown shurikens fly in slow motion then slam into the bad guys faces?”.. Hmm.. then again, I think what he really said was “Can you do shurikens?”, but somehow I heard different.

There are a ton of things I’d do differently if I had to redo this now, but it’s nice for what it is, a quick 2 second shot in dim lighting.

What’s different between then and now is back then I was distinctly bad at character animation so I avoided even trying things like digital double shots.. I suppose I saved myself from wasting time on even more amateur

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looking visuals, but from now on I’ll be pushing myself to push my boundaries and not stick to safe, easy stuff.

I’m looking forward to handling

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the effects on part 2, looking at lots of digital blood effects (the practical effects turned out rather weak, definitely getting a better air compressor next time..), impalements and set extensions to do.. Heh.. not until October anyway, have to work on my own stuff first.

Well, updates on my Mini’s paint job (or lack of) coming soon..