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Portrait No. 6

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007


Started on my 6th portrait assignment. Gahh, slow going but thankfully not as slow as the last. Laurence Fishburne has a strange head that defies the laws of physics.. in addition to that, his drawing has also mysteriously disappeared from the pile at school.. I’m sure he’ll turn up eventually. This is the first time we get to choose our own reference so after drawing 5 guys thus far (many a time with weird head/hair shapes) it’s definitely time for some eyecandy.



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I took a picture of my drawing in photoshop I thought I might as well take a look to see exactly how accurate I was thus far. Haha, turns out there are two major mistakes.. the right eye is placed too far to the right.. and since I took reference for the corner of the mouth from the edge of the right pupil… hello

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stretchy face.. good thing I spotted it early so I can still fix it.

All those sketchy lines on the photocopy are my reference points, an ugly crutch I’ll be rid off once I get through oh I dunno, 500 drawings? Heh.. been trying to depend more on eye judgement than measuring this time, but looks like I’m still quite far away from my goal. Anyway each drawing’s a learning experience.. I’m glad I continued drawing through my 2 years in NS in my big black sketchbook. It’s nice to look back and see all the improvement, it gives me hope that with more hard work even greater things are possible.

Hmm.. If I can finish this one by lunch tomorrow I’ll start on another one too. Well, back to work!