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Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Who’s That Pokemon

Sooo.. it’s been awhile.. my environment modeling is on the backburner now that I’ve started on my character model.. I’m almost done with the low poly modeling, once I’m done tweaking his left arm it’s time to unwrap and get sculpting in Zbrush.

Anyway, won’t be posting much about this project save at milestones. I did start a new project tho, daily self portraits. The goal is to spend 30 min to an hour each day on my ailing traditional skills, in various media. Here’s today’s attempt, took me 1 hour in photoshop.


More Shurikens

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Shurikens Ver. 2.0

Finished an unexpected VFX project over the weekend.. Azmi of SEJA needed some flying shurikens for his short film, which is how I ended up doing Shurikens Ver. 2.0. Thanks for having faith in my ability to get the job in time man, just.. maybe a little early warning next time yeah?

Process & Finished video after the cut..


It’s Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Amazingly I find myself posting something here mid week.. either things are looking up, or I’m slacking off from work… nah, just kidding.

Moving on to simple character animation with this Onion Boy rig by Gary Wee.


After reading this post from I realised in the past I was also guilty of the same mistake of rushing through the key poses and trying so hard to fix the motion after the blocking stage.. which is really defeating the purpose of having a blocking stage. So this time, I spent much more time with just stepped keyframes and making the action read well from just the key poses. The tweaking process after that was a lot less hellish than it normally was.

There are still some timing issues between the end of the jump and its final pose.. but onward to the next animation I say! Need a lot more practice if I’m gonna get good, this is the first of many!

Oh, and here’s a sneak peak of my Mini Cooper, sans unwrapping, textures, and an assortment of details.. You can play the “Spot-The-Parts-Jerome-Hasn’t-Modeled-Yet” game if you want.

Mini Sneak Peek