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Watercolor Blitz

Friday, April 8th, 2011

I’ve been going full steam with my watercolors ever since the Chinatown sketchwalk with Urban Sketchers (Thanks for the photo Tia!). I had an extreme sense of deju vu upon entering Minju and Jeff’s living room after the sketchwalk when I realised it was the former Casual Poets cafe! Was sad to hear it had closed down as it was such a cosy little space, but it was just perfect as this couple’s home.

Anyways, I’m finally posting up a selection from my first almost fully watercolor sketchbook! More to come! I’m doing quick

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sketches and practicing rendering skin tones on the bus/train these days, it’s really tough mixing accurate colors but I’m having lots of fun trying! Please click on the images to view

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them at full size.